Waters Avenue Campaign

Print Design & User-Center Design

This campaign was about celebrating the people of Waters Avenue. The photographs not only capture the person but what is important to them. For example Mr. Larry “Gator” Rivers spends his time working with children and teaching them the game of basketball. Mr. Jerome Meadows loves art, and his artwork is captured in his photograph. This direction also shares what the person loves most about Waters.

Most of the Waters Avenue community was African American, and were very proud of their heritage. In keeping with their pride, I wanted my posters to portray those roots through the beautiful brightly colored patterns.

The posters were designed to be placed next to each other. I chose the wave concept because it symbolizes strength but also due to its historical connection to Waters Avenue. Everyone knows as a wave continues, it grows stronger and stronger and eventually becoming so strong it is unstoppable. As you add more posters to the “wave” or more people become involved with the waters community, the stronger it becomes. It’s about coming together to make it a better place.

  • Programs Used
  • Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop
Rosemary Banks Poster
  • Rosemary Banks Poster
The posters along waters Avenue
  • The posters along waters Avenue
  • The campaign was intended for the people. In order to accomplish this, each poster was 13” by 19”. That way the people could put it on building facades or in places of their own discretion like store windows and private property.
The Wave of community members
  • The Wave of community members
  • The goal was to design a campaign showcase to the community, the amazing people associated with Waters Avenue and initiate a sense of pride and celebration that would enhance community dialogue and growth.