RCL Training

Branding & Print Design

This is a sports training and fitness company which focuses on both the athlete’s mental and physical health. This company specifically targets those athletes involved with motocross. Still in its early stages of development, this company was seeking a logo, business cards, letterhead and envelopes. The company also needed three different assessment forms:an athlete assessment, a workout assessment and a track assessment.

The concept behind the RCL Training logo was to bring together fitness training and motocross. Images of lifting weights are often identified with working out and fitness training while images of gears and treaded tires are commonly associated with motocross. The graphical element of the RCL Training logo illustrates the side view of a bench weight using the shapes of gears and tire treads.

  • Programs Used
  • Adobe Illustrator & Adobe InDesign
RCL Training Logo
  • RCL Training Logo
RCL Training Stationary
  • Stationary
RCL Training Athlete Assessment Form
  • Athlete Assessment Form
RCL Training Track Assessment Form
  • Track Assessment Form
RCL Training Workout Assessment Form
  • Workout Assessment Form