MomMe Fitness

Service Design, User-Centered Design & Branding

MomMe Fitness is a fitness center specifically designed for mothers, their children and mothers-to-be. The objective behind this fitness center is to preserve the bond between mother and child by merging a mother’s want for physical health, a child’s love for play and the need for good physical habits into one gym.

Through my in-depth research on the sports center industry, related brands and current trends, I noticed there was an opportunity to bring mothers and fitness together without forcing them to choose between spending time with their children and being healthy.

  • Programs Used
  • Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop
MomMe Fitness Logo
  • MomMe Fitness Logo
  • For the logo, the typeface was chosen because of the shape of it’s O’s. The “O” is a perfect circle, which symbolizes the belly of a pregnant woman or the belly of a mother wanting to lose her pregnancy weight.
MomMe Fitness Personas MomMe Fitness Personas
  • MomMe Fitness Personas
  • The personas gave insight to what touchpoints or media each mother might come in contact with, based on their typical day. It also brought to light things that might encourage mothers to go to the MomMe Fitness Center and what might turn them away.
MomMe Fitness Service Blueprint
  • MomMe Fitness Service Blueprint
  • The Service Blueprint allowed me to see what touchpoints the customer would come in contact with. The Service Blueprint also shows what actions the customer does not see. For example, building maintenance, cafe prep, instructor training, etc. These backstage actions all play into the experience.
MomMe Fitness Customer Journey Map
  • Customer Journey Map
  • The next step was to map out each persona's journey. The customer's journey changes for each persona depending on their goals, needs and wants.
MomMe Fitness Touchpoints Over Time & Positioning Maps
  • MomMe Fitness Touchpoints Over Time & Positioning Maps
  • The Touchpoints Over Time graphic illustrates what touchpoints customers might come in contact with during what stage of their journey. The positioning maps were used to see how MomMe Fitness compares to other fitness centers.
MomMe Fitness Mobile App & Website
  • MomMe Fitness Mobile App & Website
  • The website is the go to place for mothers to find out more about this special center. In addition to the website, the mobile app allows mothers to manage their membership with ease and on the fly and not to interfere with their daily duties as a mother.
MomMe Fitness Center Floor Plan
  • MomMe Fitness Center Floor Plan
  • There are a number of different rooms that have activities for mother’s and their children to enjoy together.