Horse In Hand

Service Design, interactive Design, User-Centered Design & Web Design

This is a visual exploration project of how designers can be better equipped for solving the problems non-profit organizations face, for example equine rescue and adoption, by blending graphic design and service design. From my research, I discovered that the current system for adopting equines is failing. There is an opportunity to design a service for both organizations and adopters, which will address the issues of trust, collaboration, awareness, education and participation.

The phrase “horse in hand” is an equestrian phrase. When a horse in hand, it means the person has control the horse from the ground. This phrase was chosen for this visual exploration because not only are rescue horses in need of a good home, but also the hands of humans are what care for these struggling equines.

  • Programs Used
  • Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe InDesign
Horse in Hand Personas
Horse in Hand Personas
  • Horse In Hand Personas
Brand identity chart & value proposition
  • Brand identity chart & value proposition
  • The Brand identity chart and value proposition statements explain what Horse in Hand is, what the company values and their mission.
Horse In Hand Positioning Maps
  • Horse In Hand Positioning Maps
  • The positioning maps show how the Horse in Hand website compares to similar websites already in existence.

The website would serve as a central location where Equine Adoption organizations and future adopters can go. For potential adopters it is difficult to find organizations serving their area as well as the current equines up for adoption. There is much confusion as to what organizations serve what area. By having the Horse In Hand website, potential adopters can easily find the organizations serving their respective areas and the current equines up for adoption. For the Equine Adoption organizations the Horse In Hand website will aid them in the promotion of their business, their adoptable equines and their events.

The most important feature of the Horse In Hand website is the access to prefabricated documents. The prefabricated documents include but are not limited to letterheads, business cards, envelopes, name badges, postcards, flyers, labels, posters, brochures, thank you cards, adoption applications, rules and regulations, adopting agreement, volunteer applications, farm transfer forms, newsletters, exhibit sign up sheets, banners, photographs, etc.

Horse In Hand website site map
  • Horse In Hand website site map
Horse In Hand website screen shots
  • Horse In Hand website screen shots
Horse In Hand Website
  • Horse in Hand Website

Once a document has been selected, they will be taken to a new screen where minor changes can be made to dates, times, locations, photograph selection, etc. If the document design calls for a photograph, they will have the ability to choose from a selection of photographs. The content of the document, for example the rules and regulations, will remain the same for all organizations. This will give consistency across the board without stripping an organization of its already established identity. This will relieve some of the stress put on organization while giving them access to professionally designed materials that they would otherwise not have access to.