Design Ethos Mobile App

Interactive Design & User-Centered Design

The objective was to design a mobile app for the Design Ethos Conference. This app was particularly difficult because there were two different conferences going on at the same time: the Design Ethos Conference and the Design Ethos DO-Ference. There was a lot of information that needed to be included: about the different conferences, the time schedule for each and bios for each speaker. Our class also felt that maps and building locations were important to include, due to the fact that many of the participants were not familiar with SCAD or Savannah. The challenge was visually separating the two conferences but allowing the user to switch back and forth with ease.

  • Programs Used
  • Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop
Design Ethos Concept Map
  • Design Ethos Concept Map
Design Ethos App Screen Shots
  • Design Ethos Screen Shots
Design Ethos Mock ups
  • DO-Ference Schedule Screen & Food Search Screen